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  • Chad Miller

Sinking Lines = BIG FISH

Big Smallmouth aren't always easy to come by but in spring if you put in the work you will catch BIG Smallmouth here in Indiana Smallmouth Country. Water temps are always crucial to figuring out the equation for river Smallmouth in the spring. We fished fewer places today and instead stopped and fished places where Smallmouth tend to gang up. It just so happens the section we did today has a major tributary coming into it.

Smaller creeks entering the bigger river are always warmer than the main river in the spring. If the tribs are bigger they can holds lots of big fish. Thats what happened today. We anchored on a school of big fish and caught them until we were satisfied. I don't like to spike a hole so we left a few that weren't sore mouthed. I wish April never ended!!!

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