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Full Day Trips - $400.00

Full Days on Sugar and Tippy 8-9 hours

The full day trip with us is a 8-9 hour day on the water that will co ver anywhere between 8 and 4 miles. We have exclusive access to 6 floats on Sugar Creek and each one of those floats take approximately 8-9 hours. Not any other guide has as much access as we do and we make sure we rotate stretches and give a sections at least 2 days between fishing. Sugar has lots of holes and riffles and you are never truly out of fishy water. We can take 1 or 2 people for the day, 2 anglers plus the guide in the drift boat. 

We have 3 sections on The Tippecanoe River or the "Tippy". The three sections break up into a short 4 mile section we use for partial days (see half days below), a 6 mile section that is a premier stretch with no dead water and the lower section which is 8 miles and is the most scenic section of the Tippy. The 6 and 8 mile sections take 8-9 hours depending on the fishing. 


For full days we provide lunch on the banks of the river with table and chairs, drinks and snacks. We make sure the day on the river is your day and we pamper you for the day. We only float and are in the boat 99% of the time on both Sugar and the Tippy. 

Deposits are $100.00 and if you cancel within 14 days of the trip you can have a credit for another day.  If we can't reschedule you will be responsible for the full fee for the trip of $400.00. 

Half Day Trips - $295.00

Half Day on Sugar and Tippy 5-6 hours

Half Days consist of floats that are customized to last 5 to 6 hours. We have one section on the Tippecanoe River which is 4 miles long and two sections on Sugar Creek which are both about 2 miles long and last 5 hours. All of these floats are absolutely exclusive and no other guides can use these sections of Sugar Creek and the Tippecanoe River

The half day floats consist of snacks and drinks. We typically start half days in the morning but have an evening option as well (see evening trip below). Like the full day trip we provide all gear and flies and if you want to use your own tackle thats fine bring it along. The half day floats can be for 1 or 2 people, the boat holds two anglers plus the guide. 

Evening Trips - $295.00

Evening Trips on Sugar and Tippy 5-6 hours

We have developed all the floats that are used on Sugar and the Tippy. There is a great advantage to growing up on Sugar and the Tippy. We have developed new shorter floats which can be done in the evening. This allows folks who cant get a whole day a half day in the evening so they can fish the evening bite and not burn a vacation day, we are very flexible on start times. It also allows folks who are coming in for a days fishing to possibly book an evening ahead of that and spend a day and a half on the water. 

The evening floats on Sugar and Tippy give anglers the ability to fish for big Smallmouth in the evening hours with low light giving us an advantage. It is also great for fishing the terrestrial season when mid afternoon is hot and heavy with bug eating Smallmouth. Same with the Tippy on the afternoon and evening, it is a big factory. 

The thing we are most excited about with these shorter floats is that it allows us to have shorter floats in the fall and early winter. The Tippy is a terrific in October and early November. The numbers of Musky in the first couple of miles below the dam is impressive and of course the Tippy has lots of Walleye and HUGE Hybrid Stripers. That shorter 4 mile float on the Tippy is going to be terrific in the fall. 

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