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Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek is the jewel of Indiana Smallmouth streams. Chad Miller began guiding anglers on Sugar Creek in 1996. When Chad started guiding fly anglers there was no Smallmouth Fly Guides in the region. Now of course Smallmouth fly fishing guides are in other states surrounding Indiana. Chad introduced the fly fishing world to Sugar Creek and it has become of the premier river Smallmouth fisheries in the Midwest. 


Sugar Creek is special for many reasons but Smallmouth are the stars of the show. The state of Indiana instituted a 20" size limit for Sugar Creek back in 2011 and it has had an significant impact. Sugar was already known for big fish but the numbers of trophy fish in Sugar has risen significantly.  

Sugar Creek is a year around fishery. We start guiding Sugar Creek in Mid March and guide it through November. The fishing early in the year is in high water normally and the fish are super fat. Late winter and spring is one of the two seasons we can actively target trophy Smallmouth. They live in deep holes and we pursue those trophy fish with sinking lines and big streamers. Chad specializes in fishing deep runs for big fish and he has developed several flies and techniques to catch big fish early in the year. 

As the weather changes the water changes as does the fishing. Sugar is a very clear water fishery most of the season which is great for sight fishing and seeing the fish eat the fly. As summer comes on so does the surface fishing with poppers and eventually terrestrial fishing. Terrestrial fishing was developed by Chad in the late 90's. Chad has developed several flies and techniques for terrestrial fishing for Smallmouth. 

Sugar Creek runs 90 miles starting in Tipton County and runs through Boone, Montgomery and finally through Parke County into the Wabash River. The whole creek has Smallmouth but the middle 30 miles is the prime water. Our 6 sections cover this water. There are other cool things about Sugar Creek like the Wabash Crinoid beds, two state parks and of course the overall beauty of the jewel of Indiana. 

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