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Tippecanoe River

The Tippecanoe River is one of the 10 most important rivers in America. The Nature Conservancy puts it in the top 10 rivers that needs protection. There are any numbers of endangered species, both fish and otherwise. The Tippy is mixture of biodiversity means there is an impressive number of sport fish that live in the river. Musky, Walleye, Sauger, Hybrid Stripers, Spotted Bass and a number of other species live in the Tippy

The Tippy is a fabulous Smallmouth River  more than anything else. The numbers of Smallmouth means the possibility of a great numbers day is great, summer days can produce big days.  What is haunting though are the Tippecanoe Rivers freak Smallmouth. At any one time a true giant can eat the fly. Our personal best Smallmouth in length is 24 inches. the largest weight wise was a fish that was 6lb 15oz. There is little question that the Tippy is Indiana's premier big fish river. 

Chad guides the lower 18 miles of river below Oakdale dam. The Tippy is 182 miles long and is feed by 88 natural lakes. The river itself has two impoundment dams, Oakdale holds back Lake Freeman and Norway dam holds back Lake Shafer. The headwaters of the Tippy is Indiana's chain of lakes. One of those lakes is the famous Lake Webster and its amazing Musky fishery. The Muskies have made their way all the way through that system and there is now an impressive number of Muskies living in the lower 18 miles of the Tippy. 

Chad has exclusive access on the Tippy that allows him to have 3 sections of the river to fish. The 4 mile section is a great section for shorter trips in the evening or late season trip for Musky. The middle 6 miles is a killer stretch of water that is known for big fish. the lower 8 miles is his favorite stretch because of its beauty and the biggest two Smallmouth of his life. 

The river is a mixture of rocks and wood and has some impressive depth in some sections. the river falls most in the lower 8 miles. It is a must to have both floating lines and sinking lines. The sinking lines are a must all year long accompanied with several different types of baotfish patterns. The bread and butter streamers are larger Half&Half patterns in matching baitfish colors. The Tippy has an impressive number of baitfish in it with Thread-fin Shad, Gizzard Shad, Skipjack Herring and Black Nose Dace to name a few. The balance of predators and prey is impressive, it is the reason the Tippy supports so many different species well. 

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