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  • Chad Miller

Big Water Smallmouth

Today was a good grind it day. Sometimes spring time on Sugar Creek is a grind and a hunt for big fish. We caught some chunky average fish today but the big fish that ate just couldn't stay hooked. We continued to fish with sinking lines and big Half&Half patterns. But today was the first time we fished floating lines for an extended period of time.

Early in the year the fish that aren't deep in holes are transitioning to submerged cover next to the bank. The best way to fish for these pre-spawn fish is to keep a fly in front of them as long as possible. Swimming flies like Bunker patterns of the old reliable Murdich Minnow os the best way to do that. Keep those flies in the zone and give a Smallmouth a fair chance to eat it. Sometimes their predator nature gets the best of them.

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