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High Water - May 13th

It was the 3rd day of what was a big spring cold front. We started the day catching a couple with streamers but it was tough and it looked very similar as last Friday. I figured as the weather warmed so would the fish. Considering how good last fro day was I figured the same would happen. Well it didn't, thats why even the best laid plan might not go as you hope. We did have 2 big Smallmouth on and all of them spit the hook, another we got to see and it was very big, one other big fish spit the fly at the boat. It was kind of a tough day, if a few things go right and maybe we see the day differently.

With all that being said it was also one of my favorite days on the year so far. John Fitzgerald and his with Mary Lou has just starting to learn to cast a fly rod. This trip was their first time on the water with a fly rod. John put a couple of fish in the net and that was a very satisfying thing to see. Ive taught literally thousands of people to fly fish over 23 years and I never get tired of seeing people be successful and catch fish. Its even better when I get to show those people my river.

It was clear through the day that the females weren't up on the beds which meant they either hadn't been there or they were done. We will see in the coming days.

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