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Lower Sections Fishing Well

More big water but it finally got low enough I felt safe going down in the canyon sections to fish. At higher flows the upper parts of the creek fall slower than the lower parts so high water is much safer in the upper section. The water fell the last couple of days allowing me to get down river and fish for those big pre-spawn fish living in big water.

I had a client who has fished with me for 20 years and I was thrilled to get him back in the boat. We caught some nice chunky fish on sinking lines and streamers. We did however finally get the chance to fish with floating lines for a considerable amount of time. We fished swimming flies near cover and some nice fish lit up our flies.

Sugar is always fun in the spring but you really have to know where those holes are. With high water it is much more difficult to see those holes. I've never understood why the big fish eat early, it is rare to catch a small fish early in the season. The only thing that makes since is the big fish eat more often than the little fish early. Im convinced the little fish eat very little because of their slow metabolism because of low water temps.

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