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  • Chad Miller

HIGH WATER Spring Smallmouth - Sugar

Sugar Creek has had a lot of water in it this week. I started guiding in March with terrific conditions but with heavy rain Sugar Creek has been high but pretty clear. We stuck with our plan today and it paid off. Bits are going to be few but history tells me my bites are going to come from big fish and they did. April and August are my two favorite months, August for terrestrials and April for BIG FISH!!!

To fish this kind of water you need to have an acute understanding about the river itself. The water is high and you can see the holes in the river. You need to understand where to anchor and where to fish. We did a lot of anchoring today and fished sinking lines in about 6 to 10 foot holes. Larger flies are also important here as the high water means fish have a tougher time finding your fly. 5 inch flies and up are very important, 3 inch Clousers wont cut it.

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